Sydney Harbour Bridge 2015

I\’m going backpacking up the Australia East coast so I might not have the time to post photos up regularly. I have my laptop with me so I\’ll try my very best to post everyday. But when you\’re on the road you want to take photos not posting up what your doing each night.┬áBut I\’llContinue reading “Sydney Harbour Bridge 2015”

Sculpture by the Sea Beach View

One of my last shot during the my photowalk of the Bondi Sculpture by the Sea. I have to show the context of where the photo was taken and the view looking back at Bondi Beach at night was magical. If you haven\’t tried walking along the coast and enjoy the sculptures at night thenContinue reading “Sculpture by the Sea Beach View”

Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015

I haven\’t captured the sculpture by the sea at night and I though to myself why not this year. There was no crowd at all when it\’s at night and you have the sculptures to yourself. No need to rush things or have people in you shots.┬áThe photo above is a long exposure and IContinue reading “Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015”

Sydney\’s CBD Blue Hour 2015

A fish eye photo again. I\’m enjoying this new perspective. A walk in familiar streets with new eye or in this case new lens makes the walk more enjoyable than usual. Blue hour in Sydney is probably my favourite time of the day to shoot. I get more keepers from the blue hour than anyContinue reading “Sydney\’s CBD Blue Hour 2015”

Sydney Central Station 2015

Sydney Central Station is the biggest in NSW and I dare say one of the biggest in Australia. There\’s a saying with the locals that all station to Central. It doesn\’t matter where you want to go, if you could catch on on the train in Central then it will take you to anywhere inContinue reading “Sydney Central Station 2015”

Kin Kin Sculpture, Sydney Australia 2015

An amazing sculpture making out of bamboo right in the heart of Sydney. Custom House has many events each year and this one is one of those outstanding display on show. You can walk through the sculpture and if you look up, you could simply feel how the massive it is. The artist was tryingContinue reading “Kin Kin Sculpture, Sydney Australia 2015”

Art Gallery of NSW, Fish-eye Effect

Art Gallery of NSW by Travis Chau on 500px I driven passed so many times the Art Gallery of NSW and I didn\’t bother to capture any photos until now. I just purchased a fish-eye lens from now on any building I can capture it doesn\’t how wide it is. A fish eye lens giveContinue reading “Art Gallery of NSW, Fish-eye Effect”