Noosa Heads in Black and White, Queensland Australia 2015

Don\’t know when I\’m going back up to Queensland but I\’ve missed the nomad life already. Working on Magravs Power Unit and learning more about the technology. Still need more time to master it. With any skills in life, it takes 10000 hours to master anything. I\’m still have a long way to go toContinue reading “Noosa Heads in Black and White, Queensland Australia 2015”

Chasing Cyclist, Mount Buller Victoria Australia 2015

I have never taken photo of mountain bikers before so the chance to photo some adventure junkies. I was all in. It\’s amazing how fast they could go down hill. When we were photograph them up the hill it was painful to witnessed. But the joy of the downhill run really makes effort of theContinue reading “Chasing Cyclist, Mount Buller Victoria Australia 2015”

Road Trip Mount Muller, Victoria Australia

The amazing thing about a road trip is your not driving. This photo was took from the passenger seat. My photographer friend in Melbourne drove me to Mount Muller in Victoria. Yes you have to wake up early. It was hard when you have a chat all night and only have a few hours sleep.Continue reading “Road Trip Mount Muller, Victoria Australia”

Murray Sunset National Park, Victoria Australia 2015

A sunset in a national park. What more could you want right? Not the best sunset I\’ve seen in my life because of there\’s absolutely no clouds at all. I was hoping for some kind of clouds but no. Then I though to myself, maybe we might have a great look at the stars tonight. Which it didContinue reading “Murray Sunset National Park, Victoria Australia 2015”