Cat Ba Vietnam 2017

Cat Ba Island is this heaven on Earth? So far in my travel there are many places that are truly breath taking and Cat Ba Island is one of those places. I woke up for the sunrise but happens that the moon was full so I didn\’t miss this kind of opportunity. Enjoy! Gear UsedContinue reading “Cat Ba Vietnam 2017”

Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay NSW Australia

Woke up early to capture this closest lighthouse to where I live. Somehow this was the lighthouse that I said to myself. I\’ll get it one day, that was a few years ago. Now finally I captured it in good light, not the best light. I was hoping for the sunrise on this morning butContinue reading “Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay NSW Australia”

Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia 2016

Was going to Bondi Beach to photograph the sunrise but I was just half an hour late. So what could I do, go to the second best spot in Sydney for sunrise right? Forget about sunset at this spot on the weekend, you\’re never going to find a parking spot.┬áThis was shot with a fishContinue reading “Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia 2016”

Byron Bay God\’s Beam, NSW Australia

A walk to the lighthouse when the sun was setting in Byron Bay, I was hoping for some clouds but I have more than that. I had the God\’s beam and light train after. The walk back to the hostel was also very interesting. I had lighting also but too bad I didn\’t bring anyContinue reading “Byron Bay God\’s Beam, NSW Australia”

Noosa Heads Qld Australia B&W 2015

I had minimum time in Noosa Heads before heading out to Fraser Island. The bus was leaving at 7;30am so for a landscape photographer that was enough time to capture the sunrise at Noosa Heads National Park. So I woke up early and brought my cameras out and head out to Noosa Heads. I didn\’tContinue reading “Noosa Heads Qld Australia B&W 2015”

Sculpture by the Sea Beach View

One of my last shot during the my photowalk of the Bondi Sculpture by the Sea. I have to show the context of where the photo was taken and the view looking back at Bondi Beach at night was magical. If you haven\’t tried walking along the coast and enjoy the sculptures at night thenContinue reading “Sculpture by the Sea Beach View”

Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on 500px A multiple photos with some masking to create this photo, I\’ll love to do just one long exposure where you can get the streaking clouds, but I don\’t have a big ND filter with me right now. I just bought a variable ND filter so IContinue reading “Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia”