New Look Darling Harbour, I\’m in Love Again!

I haven\’t been back to Darling Harbour for a few months and they have completed the Convention and Exhibition Centre. I was studying at the building behind the construction site and all I saw was ugly construction site. I\’m in love again once again to Darling Harbour.

Trey Ratcliff\’s Sydney Photowalk 2016

First time walking the streets of Sydney after a long road trip. Looking up around Winter creates a different mood in my city of Sydney. This shot was taken during Trey Ratcliff\’s Sydney photowalk. There was probably 200 people attending the event.¬†I didn\’t have a chance to meet Trey but he\’s my inspiration to travelContinue reading “Trey Ratcliff\’s Sydney Photowalk 2016”

The Rocks, Sydney Australia

The Rocks, Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on 500px This view is just under the Harbour Bridge looking back toward the city of Sydney. Usually people will rush to the Harbour Bridge or Opera House and missed out on some great photos opportunities. Even though the view from the this part of Sydney is¬†spectacular, butContinue reading “The Rocks, Sydney Australia”