Bright Smile? Now that’s normal

Go onto my Lightroom library with my new iPad Air. I came up with this album of photos that I haven’t seen for awhile. And guess what I get saw. Yes bright smile of people every where in that catalogue. This is the normal, not people wearing masks when I go out these days. IContinue reading “Bright Smile? Now that’s normal”

KL Speedster Malaysia 2017

What more interesting things about taking photo of historical places and architecture is taking photo of the people on the street in their environments. This shot was taking after I was through with taking architecture photography.I have to keep myself entertain while I have a camera in my hand. Try to do that with youContinue reading “KL Speedster Malaysia 2017”

Granny Smith Festival 2016

A was organising a Photography Meetup and no one show up. Some people these days are so constipated. If you RSVP for a meetup please attend otherwise don\’t RSVP. Anyway it was my intention to let everyone in my Street Photography Meetup group aware of the event. I\’ll never suggest anything again. There\’s no funContinue reading “Granny Smith Festival 2016”

Newtown Festival 2016

I haven\’t time to take out the cameras for a while with the Keshe Plasma technology experiment I have at home. Just this particular weekend I just want to spend one day photographing stuff. And guess what my favourite suburb in Sydney happened to had a festival on. The Newtown Festival.  The usual crowd wasContinue reading “Newtown Festival 2016”

Night Noodle Markets, Sydney Australia 2016

Night Noodle Markets is part of Sydney Good Food Month. I don\’t reckon it is good food anyway, but I\”m not in charge of the marketing. Fruits, berries and melons and possible some fruit veggies are the food for humans. All other so \”called\” foods are toxic to the human body. I\’m not a reporter orContinue reading “Night Noodle Markets, Sydney Australia 2016”

Home Ground, Sydney Opera House Australia 2016

A wonderful event for to celebrate the indigenous community in Sydney. A great day out to learn about Koori arts, music, customs and foods. The name for this two days festival is \”Home Ground\”, very appropriately I think. The foreground of the Opera House transformed into a dance pit for the dancers. I was wondering whatContinue reading “Home Ground, Sydney Opera House Australia 2016”

Scott Kelby\’s World Wide Photowalk and Manly Jazz 2016

I had a wonderful time enjoying the photowalk. There wasn\’t a big turn out but I like it that way. I have the chance to shared some photography tips for the ones that came along. Thankyou. I though I was the only one walking, but you girls make my day a lot easier.I also hadContinue reading “Scott Kelby\’s World Wide Photowalk and Manly Jazz 2016”

Cabramatta\’s Moon Festival 2016

I didn\’t cover the whole day of this year Moon Festival. Little disappointed that there wasn\’t any vegetarian foods store available. Usually we have at least two temples fund raising on the day with foods store. Oh well I have to pop by the usual vegetarian restaurants to get my energy for the afternoon.Raw papayaContinue reading “Cabramatta\’s Moon Festival 2016”

Ferragosto Festival, Five Dock Sydney Australia 2016

Somehow this year Ferragosto was not excited as last year. Maybe there wasn\’t anything exciting to photograph. If the organiser have a street parade then everything about the Italian will be on show. Less street foods and endless stores to promote products that I don\’t touch.Sure you have cooking demonstrations by some Celebrity Chef, someContinue reading “Ferragosto Festival, Five Dock Sydney Australia 2016”