Aroma Festival 2016: Blinded by Red

When there something big festival like the Aroma Festival, there was so much going on that you have to concentrate on a theme otherwise you will lost track of what your shooting. I decided to capture red or people wearing red on the day. Since the day was cloudy and cold. Red colour certainly popContinue reading “Aroma Festival 2016: Blinded by Red”

The Colour Run, Sydney Australia

The Color Runner by Travis Chau on 500px What\’s the best thing to do on a Sunday morning for a photographer? Got up early for the colourful 5 km run on the planet. I didn\’t run, I was there to document the event as an unofficial photographer/videographer. But more importantly I was there to enjoyContinue reading “The Colour Run, Sydney Australia”

ANZAC Day 2015

ANZAC Day 2015 by Travis Chau on 500px This year ANZAC Day Parade was special. It is 100th anniversary of Australia involvement in war. I remember in my history class of the movie Gallipoli and the ANZACs. The ending was sad and that was the reality of war. Check out the song \”Band Played WaltzingContinue reading “ANZAC Day 2015”

Alone Among The Crowd

Alone Among The Crowd by Travis Chau on 500px Shot this after Chinese New Year Parade 2015. Spotted this lovely lady among the crowd with an interesting body expression. When I am shooting, my eyes are like an eagle eyes. It can spot interesting subject among the crowd.It all comes down to practice, practice andContinue reading “Alone Among The Crowd”

Australia Day 2015 Street Moments

Australia Day Street Moments by Travis Chau on 500px I\’ve just got back from Sydney city and start to processed the best moment I think of the Australia Day 2015. Australia is a multicultural society and this photo depicted it really well I think.Technically it might be just slightly out out focus a bit. IContinue reading “Australia Day 2015 Street Moments”