Penang Sunrise, Malaysia 2017

A wonderful walk along the harbour of Georgetown where old trading ships used to roam this water. The reminiscences of the area still linger on if you have a great sense of imaginations. Imagine all the steaming boat in the late 1800s and early 1900s with the cargo full of spices from South East Asia.Continue reading “Penang Sunrise, Malaysia 2017”

Petronas Twin Tower Sunrise, KL Malaysia 2017

The first on my bucket list to do in KL Malaysia was to capture this landmark that makes KL famous all over the world. If you go to KL the locals are very proud of the tower. And so should they. It is a architecture marvel especially during sunrise or sunset.I was there for both occasions,Continue reading “Petronas Twin Tower Sunrise, KL Malaysia 2017”

Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016

This was the panorama that I promised to show. Usually with my blog post I only show one photos and there is a story behind the photos. With this one, I\’m in love with Lightroom CC. It is so easy to merged the photos. I don\’t even have to go to Photoshop to do moreContinue reading “Mount Wilson Panaroma, NSW Australia 2016”

Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Woke up early for the sunrise as the sun is getting closer to the Southern Hemisphere. It wasn\’t hard when you just camp near by at Cathedral Reserve. A wonder way in my opinion if you really into landscape photography to camp close by to your spot.With so many national parks in NSW alone, camping is the only way toContinue reading “Mount Wilson Sunrise, Blue Mountains NSW Australia”

Kiama Sunrise, South Coast NSW Australia

Only in Winter did I have the time and energy to woke up early to capture some sunrise photos. I\’m not the lucky one that happens to live next to the beach. Usually for me it\’s roughly an hour drive away from any beach in Sydney. But I must admit sunrise is somehow better thanContinue reading “Kiama Sunrise, South Coast NSW Australia”

Lemon Tree Passage Sunrise, NSW Australia

On my way to Queensland I spent one night at a Couch Surfer host in Lemon Tree Passage. A wonderful couple from America. They were well travel as well and the stories they shared with me really inspired me to travel further and longer. This shot was taken a short walk from their place. IContinue reading “Lemon Tree Passage Sunrise, NSW Australia”

Ulluru Ayres Rock N.T. Australia 2016

One of my item in my bucket list was ticked off, Ulluru or Ayres Rock was one of the those. Every Australians should at one time see this marvel in roughly in the middle of Australia. If you really keen then a road trip to the Red Centre is an adventure in itself. Only have oneContinue reading “Ulluru Ayres Rock N.T. Australia 2016”

Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia 2016

Was going to Bondi Beach to photograph the sunrise but I was just half an hour late. So what could I do, go to the second best spot in Sydney for sunrise right? Forget about sunset at this spot on the weekend, you\’re never going to find a parking spot. This was shot with a fishContinue reading “Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia 2016”

Fraser Island Sunrise 2015

A memory back from Fraser Island on this wonderful morning where the sand, beach and the crashing waves await my morning rise to catch this sunrise. This location was just outside our resort. I didn\’t have my own four wheel drive on the island so the best thing was staying very close to the beach.SomeContinue reading “Fraser Island Sunrise 2015”