Tasmania Sunset, Tasmania Australia 2016

The best sunset that I\’ve witnessed while in Tasmania. By the way the foreground is a field of poppy herbs. It is a herb but the big pharmaceutical took off the hands of herbalists and make profits out of natural plants. It is schedule 1, which mean you could go to prison if you useContinue reading “Tasmania Sunset, Tasmania Australia 2016”

Lake Pedder, Tasmania Australia 2016

A wonderful day trip to South West of Tasmania. Visit this beautiful lookout to see the massive and majestic lake Pedder. So peaceful and serenity of the places just capture your heart. And I know why I should go back to Tasmania next year. Sophie reading up on the history of  Lake Pedder. We had a group of 15 backpackersContinue reading “Lake Pedder, Tasmania Australia 2016”

Russell Falls Zoom Effect, Mount Field National Park Tasmania Australia 2016

I woke up early to catch the soft light in the morning, luckily for me it didn\’t rain in the morning as it was raining in the night before. The photography God was on my side. The walk to Russell Falls was wonderful, basically I was alone among the trees and the ancient rainforest. The calmContinue reading “Russell Falls Zoom Effect, Mount Field National Park Tasmania Australia 2016”

Mount Field National Park, Tasmania Australia 2016

I still have goosebumps when I reviewed the photos I took during my visit at Tasmania. What an amazing place, a dream come true for me. Some Australians never get to see this magnificent island for themselves. Please start planning your trip now, make it a goal to see it. There\’s so much to do and see with soContinue reading “Mount Field National Park, Tasmania Australia 2016”

Lake Pedder Lookout, Tasmania Australia 2016

An amazing lookout over Lake Pedder, Tasmania. A view to cherish for my holiday in Tasmania. I only captured a small fraction of the landscape. A snapshot of the landscape. I wish I could bring more lens but when you travel there was some compromised need to be made. But I still got the shotsContinue reading “Lake Pedder Lookout, Tasmania Australia 2016”

Professional Cherry Picker, Self Portrait Tasmania Australia 2016

I thought the background with the boat and the cherry orchard could make a wonderful portrait so I tried a few things with light painting. This was a 30 seconds exposure. That was me as a professional cherry picker. No I didn\’t use the boat to pick, it was just in the row of cherries.Continue reading “Professional Cherry Picker, Self Portrait Tasmania Australia 2016”