Wat Arun "The Temple of Dawn" Bangkok, Thailand 2017

A beautiful temple right on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. It\’s one of the best know temple in Bangkok and unfortunately when I was there they have a renovation to the main chedi/dome. So there was scaffolding everywhere. I walk around the temple a few times to get the best shot and blocked outContinue reading “Wat Arun "The Temple of Dawn" Bangkok, Thailand 2017”

Naphaholphumisiri, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

I was researching some photos of Chiangmai and this temple up in the mountains came up. I asking my Thai friends where was it and she said it was two hours drive away. I was very disappointed as I know I couldn\’t get the right light from where I was staying which was Chiangmai City. OhContinue reading “Naphaholphumisiri, Chiangmai Thailand 2017”

Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand 2017

The famous view from Doi Suthep overlooking the city of Chiangmai. Not as impressive as there wasn\’t too many high rise buildings in Chiangmai compare to Bangkok. If you\’ve been to the many rooftop bars in Bangkok then you be disappointed with the view. However Chiangmai make up for the lack of skylines with theContinue reading “Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand 2017”

Eight Dragons, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

The great things about Thailand were so  many temples to explore. This was on of those temples inside the old square. I really like the architecture of the roofs and it colours. Apparently it means to represents the three jewels in Buddhism, The Buddha, Sutra and the Sangha. The colour of the roof I mean,Continue reading “Eight Dragons, Chiangmai Thailand 2017”

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

I booked this tour to see the temples at night and I knew the view from there was good. Unfortunately due to the traffic I was picked up half an hour late and just that time period I have missed out on  a good photo opportunity. Oh well I promised myself to come back toContinue reading “Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiangmai Thailand 2017”

Thailand Street Foods 2017

Sure there were restaurants but to fully emerge yourself in any culture you have to eat what the locals eat. Thailand street foods are famous the world over but this cart was desert. I\’ve save the exotic stuff for you to see when you\’re in Thailand. 

Wat Si Chum "The Preaching Buddha" Sukhothai, Thailand 2017

One of the famous Buddha statue in Thailand but few tourists know about the place. You definitely need a guide to show you around if you want to truly understand the historical significant of the Sukhothai.I was staying in a local guesthouse and the owner was very friendly, she was very keen and proud of SukhothaiContinue reading “Wat Si Chum "The Preaching Buddha" Sukhothai, Thailand 2017”

Sukhothai Reflections, Thailand 2017

After 7 hours on the bus the last thing you want to do was to explore the tourist attractions but I\’m a photographer. I couldn\’t missed out on the good light during sunset. I knew Sukhothai Historical Park was close by to where I was staying but you still need to get out the hotel/guesthouseContinue reading “Sukhothai Reflections, Thailand 2017”

Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand 2017

When I first arrived in Thailand I wanted to explore the many temples in Bangkok as I knew  from my research that I temple that I really wanted visit was Wat Pho with the reclining Buddha. That was ticked then I knew about the old capital of Bangkok which was Ayuttaya. So I went thereContinue reading “Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand 2017”

Cruising Ayuttaya Island, Thailand 2017

You could not find scene like this in Bangkok. This was Ayuttaya just 50km from Bangkok. In my previous post I said I preferred this place over Bangkok. A picture tell a thousand words right? There was space especially personal space. With the crowded public transport system in Bangkok Ayuttaya was a paradise for me.Continue reading “Cruising Ayuttaya Island, Thailand 2017”