Sukhothai Reflections, Thailand 2017

After 7 hours on the bus the last thing you want to do was to explore the tourist attractions but I\’m a photographer. I couldn\’t missed out on the good light during sunset. I knew Sukhothai Historical Park was close by to where I was staying but you still need to get out the hotel/guesthouseContinue reading “Sukhothai Reflections, Thailand 2017”

Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand 2017

When I first arrived in Thailand I wanted to explore the many temples in Bangkok as I knew  from my research that I temple that I really wanted visit was Wat Pho with the reclining Buddha. That was ticked then I knew about the old capital of Bangkok which was Ayuttaya. So I went thereContinue reading “Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand 2017”

Cruising Ayuttaya Island, Thailand 2017

You could not find scene like this in Bangkok. This was Ayuttaya just 50km from Bangkok. In my previous post I said I preferred this place over Bangkok. A picture tell a thousand words right? There was space especially personal space. With the crowded public transport system in Bangkok Ayuttaya was a paradise for me.Continue reading “Cruising Ayuttaya Island, Thailand 2017”

Penang Hill, Penang Malaysia 2017

I\’m posting some of the photo from Malaysia even though I\’m in Bangkok right now. I bought a big SD card in Penang. I\”m still haven\’t filled out the card as yet and it has all the photos from Bangkok. I post more photos so Bangkok when I have fill it up. Anyway Penang Hill wasContinue reading “Penang Hill, Penang Malaysia 2017”

Thean Hou Chinese Temple, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017

An amazing price to have if you into Chinese architecture building. It was an effort for me to get to this place as I was using public transportation and walked there for 30 minutes. There was a small climb to the temple otherwise the walk was tolerable in the KL heat.This was a travel photographContinue reading “Thean Hou Chinese Temple, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017”

Goodbye KL Here Comes Penang, Malaysia 2017

Last day in KL. I\’m catching a bus early to Penang which is roughly 4-5 hours bus drive. It is a common bus route and the price is quite cheap. If you are a foodies then Penang is the place to be apparently.Also today also Valentine\’s Day right? Oh well Penang is my Valentine. IContinue reading “Goodbye KL Here Comes Penang, Malaysia 2017”

KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017

My guide to navigate the streets of KL. From my hotel window I could see it so when it comes to go somewhere I just use this as a rough guide. I haven\’t been to the top as yet. Apparently the view from there is beautiful. But they over charge tourists for the admission fee.Continue reading “KL Tower, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017”

Petronas Twin Tower Sunrise, KL Malaysia 2017

The first on my bucket list to do in KL Malaysia was to capture this landmark that makes KL famous all over the world. If you go to KL the locals are very proud of the tower. And so should they. It is a architecture marvel especially during sunrise or sunset.I was there for both occasions,Continue reading “Petronas Twin Tower Sunrise, KL Malaysia 2017”