One pack world travel. Important documents, Toiletries and miscellaneous items

So far to my previous posts I have share what I’ve learned from travelling for five years at least. Since I picked up photography the camera is my passport to the world. From my experience in travelling you certainly can travel with just one backpack. Yes it will be very difficult but does the challengeContinue reading “One pack world travel. Important documents, Toiletries and miscellaneous items”

The Late King of Thailand Cremation Ceremony

Was in Bangkok for the Late King Cremation Ceremony. Initially I was planning to go to a province just 3 hours away from Bangkok. I didn\’t know about the event and there were many road closure and public service disruption during the event. People from all over Thailand was in Bangkok to witness the event.Continue reading “The Late King of Thailand Cremation Ceremony”

Wat Mahathat Ayuttaya Thailand 2017

Revisit the ruins of Ayuttuya once again and things were slightly different. I went to Ayuttaya when it was the dry season and everything was yellow I meant the grass. Time I felt like it was a well organise garden with old temples ruin around the island.I didn\’t get the chance to cruise the IslandContinue reading “Wat Mahathat Ayuttaya Thailand 2017”

Life on the Tonle Sap, Cambodia 2017

On this trip to South East Asia my goal was to see the Angkor Wat ruins. I was disappointed but the journey from Siem Reap on a old crowded metal boat was worth it. Yes it was hot and humid but this is Asia. The journey took six and half hours during the wet season andContinue reading “Life on the Tonle Sap, Cambodia 2017”

Cat Ba Island Vietnam Timelapse

Spend a few days relaxing in this peaceful island. Get here before the mass know about it and it won\’t be so peaceful. It\’s an effort to get though but many tour operators can get you to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi Old Quarter. Gear Used to take photo/video: All Links are AffiliatedPanasonic Lumix G7Continue reading “Cat Ba Island Vietnam Timelapse”

Vietnam Independence Day 2017

First time I\’ve visited Hanoi even though I have been to Vietnam two times in my life and basically lived in the South for 10 years. I still very young when my family immigrated to Australia so the North of Vietnam was still a strange place for me.The last time I visit Vietnam for pleasureContinue reading “Vietnam Independence Day 2017”

Revisiting Cockatoo Island, Sydney Australia 2017

Every time I visit Cockatoo Island I am always overwhelm by the whole experiences. Firstly I took the ferry to get there and that was an experiences in itself. The view of Sydney from the ferry is amazing. It\’s worldwide famous with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and city skyline shining out in the blue Sydney\’sContinue reading “Revisiting Cockatoo Island, Sydney Australia 2017”

Wat Arun "The Temple of Dawn" Bangkok, Thailand 2017

A beautiful temple right on the bank of the Chao Phraya River. It\’s one of the best know temple in Bangkok and unfortunately when I was there they have a renovation to the main chedi/dome. So there was scaffolding everywhere. I walk around the temple a few times to get the best shot and blocked outContinue reading “Wat Arun "The Temple of Dawn" Bangkok, Thailand 2017”

Cruising The River of Kings, Bangkok Thailand 2017

The great thing about travel is you get to see different culture and ofcourse buildings. I shot this while on a touring ship in the River of Kings, the Chao Phraya Touring Boat. I highly recommended it if you want to see the life around this famous river.  Get the hop on, hop off option whichContinue reading “Cruising The River of Kings, Bangkok Thailand 2017”