The zoom effect is the oldest photography trick that not many people know about it.

While I was taken Timelapse photos of Vivid Sydney I like to experiment a little bit with my photography. One of the trick that makes your photos stands out among the crowd is the zoom effect. It is the oldest photography trick in the book and only a few knew it. Until now anyway. SomeContinue reading “The zoom effect is the oldest photography trick that not many people know about it.”

Vivid Sydney and Media Pass?

I love Vivid Sydney but certain decisions that certainly let the public down. For one the event was popular due to photographers in Sydney spread the word for the city since it’s inception. It’s a free publicity for the city and that was the whole purpose of the event. When was the public need aContinue reading “Vivid Sydney and Media Pass?”

Vivid Sydney is back

After two years of absence due to the situation, Sydneysiders were treated to the most spectacular light show and installations to date. How could I judge that? Well I’ve been taken photos of Vivid Sydney since 2012. That’s 10 years experience in my photography journey. I was a beginner photographer and I was delight toContinue reading “Vivid Sydney is back”

Vivid Sydney 2016: Curtain of Lights

Another creative shot that probably 200 other photographers on the same they of Trey Ratcliff\’s Photowalk missed out. Photographers often obsessed with sharpness and the photos sometime can become boring and very clique especially at Mrs Macquarie\’s Chair. The best view on the Opera House and Harbour Bridge that thousands of them have been taken.Continue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016: Curtain of Lights”

Vivid Sydney 2016: Mrs Macquarie\’s Chair Light Painting

I always wanted to paint the rocks at Mrs Macqaurie\’s Chair. Finally during the last night of photograph the bridge and the opera house during Vivid Sydney that I managed to do it. A simple torch and a few gels in my bag makes it possible. 

Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Town Hall

Another recognised icon in Sydney was illuminated during Vivid Sydney. It sits right on the busiest intersection in Sydney\’s CBD. I was on the opposite side of the street and simply enjoy the experience of being there. See the hectic people, the traffic jam and no one looks up and simply enjoy the scenery intriguedContinue reading “Vivid Sydney 2016 Sydney Town Hall”